Alicia Keys' Son Has His First Crush ... On Beyonce's Blue Ivy!

Everybody say, “Awww!” In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Shaun Robinson caught up with powerhouse singer Alicia Keys about her Set the World on Fire tour and, maybe more importantly, her son’s love life.

Keys’ 2-year-old son with husband Swizz Beatz seems to have a little crush on Blue Ivy, the toddler daughter of fellow music sensations Beyonce and Jay-Z. When asked if “little Egypt” had a crush on her, Keys laughed and said, “Someone has a crush on someone. That’s for sure.”


“Did he steal a kiss, like a quick kiss from Blue Ivy?” Shaun asked. Keys said she wasn’t sure because she wasn’t there, but she did know there was a phone call from Jay-Z later that night. She added, “He probably was just being so gentle to her and she's a little younger. So he was like giving her lots of love, which I think is so important."

How adorable is that? I love when little kids show affection to one another. I remember one time when my eldest daughter was 2, she was at the little kid snack table at church, and this little toddler boy came up to her with a cookie and said, “I got dis for you ...”

His mom and I totally melted on the spot, and it was one of many opportunities for her to praise her son on being kind and caring, and for me to teach my daughter how to show her gratitude by saying, “Thank you.”

This is a great part of parenting, isn’t it? Teaching our kids to be nice to other people, and then watching that happen. Of course there will be setbacks along the way (especially if you have more than one -- hello sibling squabbles!), but it’s nice to see your kids trying to show love to another person. And it’s especially heartwarming when it’s toward another little person.

Has your little one ever had a crush on someone?

Image via Walmart/Flickr

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