46-Year-Old Michelle Duggar Wants Her 20th Kid -- More Power to Her

michelle duggarIt's funny how when it comes to other people's lives, everyone else is the expert. For example: Michelle Duggar. Everyone has an opinion on what she should and shouldn't do with their own "expert" reasons of why and why not. Some even cannot handle the fact she has 19 children. But we should remember it's not like there are 19 kids in diapers crawling around her house. Her older kids are adults. Her son Josh and his wife Anna are expecting baby number three.

Michelle, who is now 46, would love to have another baby, which would make her a mom of 20. I don't think she has too many kids nor is she too old to have another.


I think Michelle Duggar is a great role model -- the kind that "reality TV" needs to balance out all the crazy. She's a sweetheart of a woman, a gentle and loving mother, and their family is full of sunshine-y happiness. Why would anyone want to put a dark cloud all over that? Oh, that's right ... because some people can't handle other people's happiness or respect what they want in this world even when it's of no harm to them. And everyone else is an expert on what Michelle Duggar should do.

I think she should do what she wants to do. I guess that's my "expert" opinion since I am weighing in.

She told RadarOnline:

If God saw fit for us to receive another child we would love that and welcome that. Well, I’m 46 years old, and if this is the end for me being able to bear children then that is God’s timing. I will rejoice no matter where I find myself.

What I gather from her quote is that if it's meant to be, it will be. It doesn't reveal that she's actively trying, but she's also not not trying. There will inevitably be those who thinks she's lost her mind, that she has an unhealthy obsession with having babies, but we should remember that she was pregnant with baby number 20 and suffered a miscarriage. There is a deep pain that sometimes never goes away when a woman loses a baby she is carrying. And that loss may make Michelle feel like she wants another, that baby that she was dreaming about when she was anticipating the arrival.

Let's also think about if she said the opposite. If with disgust she said, "Oh gosh there is no way would I want another child!" If those were her words, there would be some people who would think she is fed up and disgusted by parenthood and perhaps even regrets having so many. 

She can't win. She has those who will judge her. But I don't think she's too old. I don't think she has too many children. I think she's lovely and sees life in a way that more people should.

What do you think of Michelle Duggar saying she would welcome a 20th child?

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