Bethenny Frankel Lets Daughter Take 10-Hour 'Nap' Because She Won't Wake a Sleeping Baby

bethenny frankelBethenny Frankel confessed on Twitter recently that her adorable daughter Bryn was up all night because, after a wild birthday party, she took a nap of epic proportions. Frankel tweeted: "Ya wanna know what isn't fun: when your 2 year old takes a nap from 3 in the afternoon until 1 am. I have been up ALL NIGHT LONG." Naturally, Frankel came under fire by some of her followers who said that she "creates her own problems", and that the situation could have been avoided if she would have woken Bryn up at some point. To which Bethenny responded: "I would never want anyone to wake me up & I never wake a sleeping baby. We need it when we need it!"

Yep. Hear that, as I have woken a sleeping baby before -- and it isn't pretty.


Yes, I admit it: The first few months of my daughter's life, there were occasions in which I woke her. Deep down, I think I knew everything was fine, but the nervous new mom in me just thought it was weird when she would sleep for four-hour stretches in the middle of the day. I was worried something might be wrong. (And I'm not talking the first two weeks of life here. I'm talking two to three months in.)

Typically, by hour three, I would start getting a little anxious. Why isn't she up? I'd think. Isn't she hungry or rested enough? My husband would tell me not to do it -- and I'd hold off for as long as I could. But every now and again, I had to wake her for peace of mind. Was it the nicest thing in the world? No. But I needed to know she was okay.

That said, though, every time I woke my daughter, without fail, she'd seem pissed. (Understandably.) And I'd wind up feeling bad for having done so. I felt like a crappy mom who couldn't just let her daughter sleep, and I'd always vow to never do it again -- but I just wanted to make sure she was all right. (Will I do it next time around, if I'm so lucky? That would be a no.)

But that was when my daughter was a newborn. Would I do it when she's 2? Perhaps.

Everyone's kid is different, and there's obviously no one-size-fits-all way to parent, but if I were in Bethenny's situation, I probably would have woken my daughter up at around hour three to make sure she was okay, then let her keep on sleeping if she seemed really exhausted. It sounds like Bryn was beyond tired -- what was Bethenny supposed to do? Get her out of bed so she could adapt to her schedule? That doesn't seem right. We have to adapt to our kid's lifestyle when they're young -- not the other way around. It isn't always fun, but them's the breaks when you decide to have a kid.

Though, yeah, being up at 3:00 in the morning with a toddler who wants to play doesn't seem fun at all. 

Did you wake your sleeping baby?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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