Alec Baldwin's Wife Bans English From Her House -- for Baby's Sake

Alec Baldwin Hilaria Thomas BaldwinI've always been a little jealous of new parents who speak another language. They've got a leg up on the rest of us when it comes to raising a bilingual kid. But Alec Baldwin's wife, Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, might be taking this bilingual baby business a bit too far.

The pregnant wife of the 30 Rock star is putting a ban on English spoken in her house after their daughter is born. Thomas says this is the way to guarantee little girl Baldwin grows up speaking Spanish.

OK, fine, but what about poor English-speaking Dad?


Like many American spouses of foreign-born folks, Baldwin doesn't speak Spanish. It's a fact Hilaria Thomas Baldwin seems to find hilarious, telling US Weekly:

It's a little tricky because my husband doesn't speak Spanish, so that'll be a little tricky in the house. But maybe we will have our own conversation and he'll have to learn. We can talk behind his back. I cannot wait!

Um, OK, I get that she was probably joking, but that sounded pretty insensitive. Not to mention a rather adversarial child-rearing technique. Shouldn't she be encouraging ways for both parents to be involved with baby, not trying to get her daughter on her side already?

She seems to mean well, but Hilaria Thomas Baldwin comes off sounding like a b--ch! She's basically told the poor guy he just can't talk ... to his own baby!

Who is she to tell her husband what he can say to their daughter and what language he can say it in?

Parents, beware! If you're considering a language ban in your house, tread carefully! You need to remember what's most important to your baby at this stage of the game: love and comfort from their parents.

Got that? Babies don't care what language is being spoken. They do care that the person cuddling with them is putting their all into it, and that's hard to do when you're struggling with a language barrier.

Bilingualism is great, but it's much more important that babies get to feel love and support from both of their parents. Is it really so bad if Dad coos in English while Mom coos in Spanish?

Are you raising a bilingual baby? How are you doing it?

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