Sofia Vergara Is Making a Baby -- the Modern Family Way

sofia vergara surrogateExciting baby news today! Sofia Vergara is expecting a baby via surrogate. Actually, it's a little premature to say she and fiance Nick Loeb are expecting since they've just begun the process. More like, they're hoping to expect. A close friend of Sofia's has agreed to carry the engaged couple's baby and reportedly just underwent the first procedure. Now everyone is waiting to see if it's successful. Squee!

A source told the New York Post, "A baby is something they've both wanted for a while, particularly Nick, who has been pushing for it. He is a little uneasy that the surrogate is Sofia’s close friend, but is very excited about becoming a father." And now photos are surfacing of Sofia ushering a woman around the Chateau Marmont Hotel. Could this be the surrogate? And should we maybe give them a little space?!?


I think it's wonderful that Sofia and Nick are working on a baby, and that they've found someone to carry their child. And I hope it all goes perfectly -- which is why I wish they'd maybe keep it all under wraps a little bit longer. Now that the story is out, I think the attention could put too much pressure on this possible pregnancy. And we all know how delicate pregnancy can be, especially under these circumstances.

So shhhh, everyone! Let's give Sofia and any female we ever, EVER see her with for the next few months plenty of space. Let's just pretend this isn't all happening. No photos, no stalking, no asking Sofia every five minutes: Pregnantyet? Pregnantyet? Pregnantyet? Pregnantyet? She will tell us when she's ready, okay?

Oh, who am I fooling. The story is already out, and it's too late. Maybe this woman at the Chateau Marmont is just a decoy surrogate and the real one is hiding out at Sofia's house. Whatever the real story is, good luck to everyone involved.

Do you think Sofia Vergara should keep quiet until she has a pregnancy to announce?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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