Lisa Ling Has a Baby Girl & Oh, What a Name!

Lisa Ling Paul SongFinally some good news for Lisa Ling on the baby front! The former View host has been one of Hollywood's bravest voices talking about miscarriage in recent years, even starting a "Secret Society of Women" project for women who've shared her struggles. But Ling gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Friday afternoon!

This is the first child for Ling and her husband, Dr. Paul Song, and the couple announced via US Weekly that they're "nervously excited" new parents. Aww! It's so sweet!

But come on, all we really want to know is the baby's name, right? And oh what a name it is!


Lisa Ling and Paul Song have gone with ... Jett. Or, Jett Ling Song to be more specific.

I kind of think it's adorable, but I have to admit that one thing came to mind immediately after hearing it. An image of the singer Joan Jett popped into my head.

Pretty badass role model for a little girl, don't you think? I'm envisioning a little girl with a guitar screaming I Love Rock and Roll behind her closed bedroom door as a teenager. Not the worst image ... not when you're trying to raise a little girl in a society that's still trying to figure out how to treat women.

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Although Lisa Ling and Paul Song may want to keep Do You Want to Touch Me under wraps until she's well into her teens?

Typically Jett is used as a name for a little boy, according to our baby name finder, but it still has a rich background worthy of either gender. Based in Hebrew, it means "excellence, abundance, riches."

Congrats to the new family!

What do you think of Lisa Ling's baby name choice?


Image via Getty Images/Kevin Winter

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