Jessica Simpson Calls Her Babies ‘Accidents’ But We Know She Still Loves Them

jessica simpsonJessica Simpson is still trying to explain how she keeps getting knocked up. Yesterday she did a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest -- and Jessica pretty much called her future babies "accidents"! You've heard that one before, right? That first -- or maybe last -- child referred to as "our little mistake." (Hopefully totally out of earshot.) Well, that's Jessica's whole family.

Jessica says she originally wanted three kids, but now? "I really hope it stops. I feel like I could stop here. It's a lot of work." But what, Jessica? "Accidents do happen." Well with that attitude, I think those three kids are going to happen. Maybe even four or five. Does anyone else totally cringe when people refer to their children as accidents?


I kind of do. Even when parents who intended to have kids say it, it kind of implies that your child wasn't really wanted. And I think every kid wants to feel like they were planned for, like their parents really, really wanted them in their family. "Accident" and "mistake" always kind of make me feel a little sad.

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But of course you can love your little "accident" just as dearly as you love your "planned" child. And I guess that's all that really matters -- how much you love your child once they're already here, regardless of how they got here. You love your kids no matter what.

I do kind of worry that Jessica still hasn't quite wrapped her head around the concept of birth control. These babies just keep happening to her and she wants it to stop but she can't! Stupid sperm and eggs, darn it! Or maybe she's attracted to the Adventure! of playing reproductive Russian roulette. Or maybe she's embarrassed about wanting lots of babies, so she just keeps pretending she didn't mean to get knocked up. Whatever, as long as she gives those babies (accidental or planned) lots of love.

Have you ever referred to your unplanned babies as an accident?


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