'RHOA' Kandi Burruss Accuses Kim Zolciak of a Major Mom Sin

Kim ZolciakThe ladies from The Real Housewives of Atlanta have fought and feuded about everything from a donkey booty video, to songs, to who looks at who wrong. So when Kandi Burruss accussed Kim Zolciak of a major mom sin on Sunday night, I knew it wouldn't be the last we heard of it, even though Kim has left the show.

The offense? First degree theft of a baby name. Kandi says she told Kim long ago that if she ever has a son, she would name him Kash. She said she was shocked when she saw that Kim had bestowed that very name on her son. "How you just gonna take my name?" she said. "I still can’t believe that Kim stole my baby name."

Them there's fightin' words, and, of course, Kim fought back ... via Twitter.


U might wanna get pregnant first and HAVE a boy then run around saying people stole YOUR baby name. 

Kandi shot back saying she wanted Andy Cohen to bring a lie detector test to the RHOA reunion to see who stole the baby name. Then Kim got all official and posted a photograph of an LLC that she created 323 days ago in Kash's name.

Kandi wasn't buying it, and snapped back:

I would love for @BravoAndy to bring a lie detector test & then we can ask about all the past lies that we’re told on #RHOA…. Lot of liars.

Dang. How great would it be if they did bring out a lie detector? They should have one at every reunion.

But here's the thing, even if Kim did "steal" Kandi's baby name, Kandi needs to get over it. No one can "claim" a baby name, especially when she's not pregnant and doesn't know if she'll ever be pregnant again. It sucks when someone else uses one that you adore, especially if it's a close friend, but the fact is you don't own it.

I think it's nice and probably good for a relationship if a friend or relative at least lets the person know that they're planning to use the name as a courtesy. But you simply can't expect no one you to use a name just because you "call" it.  And if she really likes it that much, there's nothing to stop Kandi having a little Kash too.

Do you think Kandi has a right to be mad at Kim? Has a friend ever stolen your baby name?


Image via Bravo

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