Jessica Simpson's 'Difficult' 2nd Pregnancy Is Why I Never Want to Be Pregnant Again (VIDEO)

Jessica Simpson

After seeing a clip of Jessica Simpson's appearance on Ellen this week, I'm even more convinced that I never, ever want to be pregnant again.

And no, it's not because of how much weight she's gained during her second pregnancy. Actually, Jess looks pretty damn good this time around, and it's obvious that she's making much healthier choices than she did while expecting her daughter, Maxwell.

But while her eating habits are noticeably different now that she's expecting baby number two -- hearing what she had to say about her second pregnancy is what made me realize I'm doing the right thing by sticking to the "one and done" plan.


From morning sickness to being exhausted all the time to "snacking on Tums," which I'm assuming means she has some killer heartburn going on -- Jess's second pregnancy is definitely no picnic.

You can hear more of what she had to say in this video clip from Ellen.


She may look great, but it can't be easy to be pregnant and feel like crap while trying to parent a 10-month-old.

Ok, back to why Jessica's pregnancy has sealed the deal for me as far as not having another baby goes.

Like Jessica, my first pregnancy was an absolute breeze. I didn't have ANY morning sickness. (No really, I never puked once during my entire pregnancy.)

Other than putting on a ton of weight (50 pounds), I felt amazing. I had a decent amount of energy up until my last few weeks, I never really felt moody or irritable, and I honestly enjoyed being pregnant. It was a piece of cake the first time around -- but I'm not stupid enough to think I'd be as lucky if I were to do it all over again.

With my luck, I'd wind up sick as a dog, too exhausted to leave the house, and totally miserable. (Oh yes, I would. I just know it.)

At least Jessica is young enough to bounce back fairly quickly after her second little one arrives. I'm sure she'll immediately forget just how blah and exhausted she felt. But as a 35-year-old woman who definitely isn't getting any younger, I'm almost positive I'd never completely recover from another pregnancy.

And since I sort of have my life together right now, that's a risk I'm just not willing to take.

Did your first pregnancy turn you off to having a second baby?


Image via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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