Snooki Has Big TV Plans for Lorenzo & They Aren't What We All Expected

Snooki Lorenzo JionniSnooki has come a long way from her drunken Jersey Shore days. In the past few months, we've gotten to see a gentler Nicole Polizzi, a dedicated mommy to little Lorenzo, on her new reality show Snooki & JWoww. Like it? Don't get used to it!

It sounds like Snooki's reality show days are numbered. And she could be leaving TV for the best reason ever.


His name is Lorenzo ... and she wants to give him the childhood that she had. Aww! Snooki, you're making us a little weepy!

The MTV star was talking to XOJane this week, which did an amazing make-under on the new mom, when she dropped the bomb that she'd be saying bye bye to TV by the time Lorenzo is leaving babyhood:

We want [Lorenzo] to have as normal a life as possible. That’s why I don’t want him on TV once he starts going to school. Once he’s like two or three I don’t want him on TV anymore. Just because growing up in a normal school doing normal things has made me a great person, and I don’t want him to feel like he’s special or better than everybody. I just want him to go through normal life things that everybody goes through.

Once he's 2? We don't have much Snooki time left, it seems. Lorenzo is already 7 months, and he'll bid babyhood goodbye before we (or his parents) can blink.

But you know what? I'm glad to hear Snooki is making this decision for her son's sake, and it's sweet hearing her talk about the childhood her parents gave her in regular old Poughkeepsie, New York (that's right, Snooki is only a Jersey transplant). She may be world famous these days, but she knows better than to think that's what her kid needs to be happy.

Isn't what she's talking about exactly what the best parents try to do for their kids? We try to find the best pieces of our childhoods and re-create them for our kids? Whether it's reliving our favorite bonding activities with Mom and Dad or making the decision over private vs. public schools based on our own experiences, a large part of parenting is trying to remember what it was like to be a kid so that OUR kids can benefit from our memories.

Will we miss Snooki making us laugh on TV? Of course. But this is one decision out of her that truly makes us smile ... with her that is.

Are you trying to create a childhood like yours for your child? What do you most want to repeat for them?


Image via MTV

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