Kendra Wilkinson Is Putting Partying Before Parenthood & That's OK

kendraKendra Wilkinson is known for telling it like it is. Now that she's a mom to adorable Hank IV, the former Playboy Playmate doesn't hold her tongue about parenthood either. Her latest confession, however, may surprise a lot of other mothers.


Kendra is having too much fun going out to mess things up with baby #2, and the reality TV star values her social life. She says that if she has another one, her nights of club hopping will definitely come to an end and she isn't ready to make that sacrifice just yet. While some may call her reasons selfish, I totally get it.

Motherhood is the toughest job there is as far as I am concerned. It's exhausting, often thankless, and never-ending. That said, I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's as rewarding as it is draining. I am sure Kendra would agree with that. But I understand the reluctance to start all over again with a newborn. I have no idea what it's like to take care of two, but it sure looks hard. It's especially hard to imagine once your child is on his way to the big kid stage. At that point, they are more self-sufficient and easier to communicate with. It's amazing how effortless parenting becomes in certain ways. When we are rushing in the morning, it helps so much he can go potty by himself, brush his teeth, put on his socks and pants.

I have to say, those moms who had their kids close together are smart. I used to think it was crazy to have two in diapers -- but they got through those exhausting early stages in one big chunk. There was no fear of starting from scratch because they never had that big break. But as nervous as I am about it, I wouldn't mind taking the baby plunge again. Ultimately, it's just too great of an experience not to do again if you can.

Are you reluctant to have baby #2? Why?

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