Snooki Wants More, More, More Babies! (VIDEO)

snookiAsk a brand-new mama if she's planning to have a second baby, and she's likely to say, "What? I just had this one, give me a second here!" But when Celebuzz put Snooki on the spot, she was only too happy to respond. How many kids does she want? "I would like four," Snooki responded. "I already want another one!"

Aww, she must really love having babies -- I mean the whole thing. Being pregnant, the delivery, being a mom, all of it. I can see why. She had a pretty healthy pregnancy and has a beautiful baby now. And I'm sure she's wondering what it's like to be pregnant and NOT surrounded with the Jersey Shore crew. Plus, babies are yummy, right Snooki?


Nothing makes you want another baby like having a baby. Am I right? Um, well, for some people, anyway. Definitely for Snooki!

Anyway, Snooki also wants another so soon because she and Jionni are planning on four kids. Better get cracking! She says she's not "trying" for that second yet because they're still working on building a new house and -- hey, isn't that kind of an intrusive question to ask? Oh yeah, it's Snooki we're talking about. You can totally ask her those questions! Just make sure you don't confuse Jionni with Lorenzo because, ew! Just see the video.

Anyway, we loved seeing Snooki's pregnant style and a new mama. I guess I'll have to admit, I totally want her to have another one, too!

How soon were you thinking about having another baby after your first -- or did you decide you were done?


Image via Celebuzz

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