Jessica Simpson’s Skin-Tight Leopard Dress Is Hot Mama Maternity Wear

jessica simpsonIn a skin-tight leopard print dress, a pregnant Jessica Simpson looked glamorously bumping on the set of some mystery commercial she was filming earlier this week. Now at least a few months along, the 32-year-old star showed off her bun in the oven and toned legs in a short dress and sky-high black patent heels.

It's deja vu all over again because just a year or so ago, Jessica wore a leopard print dress while carrying Maxwell.


Jessica hasn't been on the receiving end of many flattering comments about her pregnancy figure, but I happen to think she looks great. She's glowing. OK, fine, that's probably just the glare on my computer screen, but I'd bet in real life she has a certain luminosity about her. If not because she's pregnant, then certainly because of her bright yellow hair.

Ms. Simpson revealed that this second pregnancy was a total accident and sort of happened during a "one-night stand" with her fiance, but everything about this happy mistake seems to be working for her. Clearly, she's still working (seeing as she was photographed on set), and she appears to be healthy -- what more could she ask for?

She was just in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago looking fresh faced and rested (plus, her breasts were huge, so there's that) and she's got a new massive mansion to call home -- all that's left to fall into place is the arrival of this second baby whom, as rumors would have it, she's calling Ace.

I'd say everything's coming up roses for Jessica, and as long as she avoids a repeat of this dress, she'll be good to go.

Did you, like Jess, wear tight maternity clothes?


Photo via jvh33/Flickr

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