Octomom Could Be Getting High Around Her 14 Kids -- Wouldn't You?

octomomLet's say you have 14 kids. I'm not thinking of anyone in particular (TOTALLY ABOUT OCTOMOM), I'm just saying hypothetically. That would make you a bit anxious, no? A lot of mouths to feed, chaos to manage. I mean, the whining alone could send you over the edge. So could you blame a mama for needing a little prescription to help her keep her head?

Some moms need meds, and I support that. And then there's Octomom. Supposedly, Nadya Suleman is taking pot to help her deal with her anxiety. I mean, who doesn't? She's got a medical marijuana card, and she's using it -- mostly for brownies and other tasty baked goods.


("Baked" goods -- you see what I did there? Heh heh, okay, moving right along.) Apparently Nadia left rehab for her Xanax addiction (!!!) just a couple days ago. So she can't take that anymore, but she still has that 14-child-induced anxiety. So what's a mama to do?

Medical marijuana, that's what. And I get it. Well, kind of. Here's the thing: She reportedly doesn't take it when the nannies are around, just when she's alone with the kids. I can see why she would feel like she needs the stuff more when she's on her own, and maybe the nannies feel uncomfortable around a high mama. But getting high while you're in charge of your 14 children sounds like the kind of story that ends with eight or so preschoolers wandering the streets with no pants. Know what I mean?

Look, I've "inhaled." We don't need to go into how recently, or how often, or how deeply, or what I said, or who I said it to, or what happened to my shoes afterwards. I just bring it up to say there is a WORLD of difference between the way marijuana makes you feel and the way Lorazepam makes you feel. A whole, wide, dreamy, world-beyond-time difference. (Seriously, has anyone seen my shoes?)

I thought the idea was that medical marijuana was supposed to help you relax in general. So why not take it instead when you have childcare back-up? I don't know -- we all metabolize the stuff differently. The same dose that would send me to la-la land might merely calm Nadya's frayed nerves and nothing more. I guess that's between her and her doctor.

Do you think it's a good idea for Octomom to take marijuana when she's alone with her kids?


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