Mindy McCready’s Sons Need a Stable Home Now More Than Ever

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Car seats on front porch where McCready died
As the story of 37-year-old country singer Mindy McCready's suicide unfolds, the already heartwrenching tale becomes even more tragic -- particularly because the most recent details concern the two young sons McCready left behind, Zander, 6, and Zane, 10 months. We're learning not only that the last several months of their mother's life were chaotic, unstable, and no doubt incredibly scary for the boys, but that they are still surrounded by uncertainty and animosity.

As of this writing, Zander and Zane are in foster care, where they were placed 10 days before McCready's death on February 17. The boys were removed from their home in a particularly ugly incident: McCready called the police because she wanted her father Tim and his wife to get out of her house; when police arrived, they believed McCready to be intoxicated and possibly a risk to her children and took the kids away.


Now at the center of a bitter and complicated custody battle, no one knows where the boys will end up.

And more than two sides are at war in this battle, which only makes things messier: Vying for custody are McCready's aforementioned father Tim and his wife, the singer's mother Gayle Inge and stepfather Michael Inge and lastly, Zander’s father, Billy McKnight, who was was arrested and charged with attempted murder a year before Zander's birth for allegedly beating and choking McCready. (Um, I vote for NOT that guy.)

Apparently the Department of Human Services is recommending that the Ignes get custody of both Zane and Zander, citing the couple's "substantial relationship" as a key factor. Mindy and her mother had a rocky relationship, but Gayle Inge's devastation at her daughter's death leads one to believe she would devote herself entirely to loving her grandsons forever. A custody hearing has been set for April 5th. Whoever ends up with custody of those two little boys, hopefully they can all heal together and find some peace and happiness as a family.

Do you think Mindy McCready's mother and stepfather are the best choice to raise Zander and Zane?


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