Jessica Simpson Picked a Baby Name & She's Already Told Everyone What It Is

jessica simpsonSecond-time mom-to-be Jessica Simpson has already picked out a name for Maxwell Drew's sibling -- and I like it. Supposedly, this go-round, Jess and fiance Eric Johnson are expecting a boy, and the name they've chosen is perfect for what I imagine will one day be a cute tow-headed toddler with an adorable bowl-cut. The name's original -- but not too out there. Cute -- but kind of "tough" at the same time. And, most importantly, no other kid in Hollywood has this name.

The name Jessica and Eric have reportedly chosen is:


Ace! Thoughts? I kind of like it. Then again, I'm a big fan of one-syllable names. Ace Johnson. Sounds like a race car driver.

Something I'm personally not a fan of, though, is revealing the baby's name whilst still pregnant. If other people want to give away what they're naming their babe before giving birth, by all means, tell away. Heck, I'm curious and would love to know! But I'd rather wait. To me, it makes baby's entrance into the world a little more of a surprise; but moreover, I just don't want people chiming in on the name (or attempting not to chime in, but making their thoughts obvious via expression). If others want to weigh in afterwards, whatever, the name's picked. What's done is done. But I certainly don't want to second guess a name I love while still pregnant.

So respect to Jessica for not caring what other people think. Hell, she's telling the whole world what her little one's name will be. (Or a source is.) And if anyone tries to make you think twice about the name you've picked, Jess, let me just tell you: I love it.

Did you tell your baby's name before giving birth?

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