Beyonce Thinks Blue Ivy Is a Genius Even Though She's Not

beyonce blue ivyAccording to Beyonce, Blue Ivy, 1, is already reading flashcards. And I bet if you probed Mama Bey a little more, you'd learn that Blue is also fluent in French; has read Anna Karenina (in Russian); and is really the person responsible for discovering the god particle.


We all think our kids are geniuses, don't we? When our babies point at something and scream, it's really their way of solving a complex Calculus problem. When they hold a book, it's clearly a sign they're going to be the next Jonathan Franzen. And when they shove a fist-full of Puffs into their adorable mouth, it's a demonstration of motor skills like no other.

Our children are all the smartest babies who have ever lived. To us. To everyone else, they're just babies.


Oh, I've done it many times myself. Regaling tales of my daughter's latest milestones and movements to friends and family members as if she just discovered how to convert salt water into drinking water. The kid's a genius I tell ya! I'm basically saying when I tell my sister how my child has mastered the complex art of peek-a-boo.

Before I had my own child, I always noticed parents doing this exact thing -- basically, bragging about their kids. And I'd think to myself, "Aw, cute kid. But he/she definitely isn't doing anything unusual. I've seen dozens of babies put blocks into their corresponding holes." But now that I have my own child -- and am surrounded by people with babies -- I've realized: Literally, all parents do it. We all think our kids are super smart/super talented/super something.

And you know what? That's okay. That's how it should be.

Despite the fact that, odds are very slim that any of us have given birth to the next Barack Obama, it's important that we think our children are super something. (As long as it doesn't cross over into some weird, want-to-live-vicariously, pressure-filled kind of thing.) Everyone wants to feel special. You, me, and certainly our kids. If we don't think our children are the absolute bee's knees, who will? (And moreso, will they?)

If Beyonce wants to think Blue Ivy is the smartest 1-year-old out there, who cares? Let's let her. And let's say things like "No way!" and "Oh, my god!" to her when she talks about her daughter. And let's do that to all parents, because, ultimately, that's really what they want to hear -- that their kids are special.

Because to them, they are. They really, really are.

Do you ever brag about your kid?

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