Steve Martin Becomes a First Time Father ... at 67-Years-Old!

steve martinThis is kind of random. Steve Martin became a first time father recently. Yep. Apparently, in December, he and wife Anne Stringfield welcomed a baby into the world -- thus far, gender unknown (to the media, that is). A source told New York Post's Page Six: "They've had a baby, and how they kept it a secret nobody knows ... Steve's very private." The source also added that the couple, obviously, is "thrilled."

That's awesome! I love my dad, but I've gotta say -- if I had to come up with a list of other dads I wouldn't mind having, Steve Martin would definitely be on there. But also, it's hard to brush over the fact here ... Steve Martin is 67-years-old.


I'm a firm believer in there being no "right" time to have a baby. For some people, 20-years-old is the right time. For others, it's 38. But I can't not say it ... isn't 67 is kind of old to have a newborn baby? It's not like Steve has one foot in the grave or anything here, but good god, isn't that man going to be tired waking up 4-5 times a night? I had a hard time doing it at 33.

On the other hand, I suppose there are some benefits to having a child so ... late in life. Steve certainly has a vast amount of world knowledge and experience. Also, most of his friends probably have children who are grown by now -- he can pick out the ones who turned out great, and find out how their parents did it. And, well, it's Steve Martin for crying out loud! How can he not be an awesome dad?

Congrats to Anne and Steve. Hope you're having a "wild and crazy" time being parents -- regardless of how exhausted you are!

Oh, and one more Martin reference: Welcome to Parenthood! Okay, I'm done now.

What do you think of Steve Martin having a baby at 67?


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