Shoka says, "Where are you all going in such a doggone hurry?"
Don't ask because I don't know how we did it, but we did! It was last Friday morning when I awoke, on my own, absent of any alarm bells or sounds, at exactly 6:47 a.m. I know that seems plenty early considering it was still fully dark outside, but if you consider that my normal waking time is somewhere between 5:30 a.m. and, at very latest, 6 a.m. on a school morning, I knew immediately I was in severe trouble!


I'm not a person who gives up and claims defeat easily, and considering that school is located FORTY FIVE minutes from home, I sure as heck was going to at least try my hardest to get us to the bus stop on time. So once I did the standard — as seen in the movies — blink and double blink at the clock to make sure my eyes were seeing the numbers correctly, I then flew, wingless, out the door and began loudly screaming, with tones of panic laced through every word, for the kids to get up FAST, get dressed FAST, grab their book bags and lunches FAST, throw on their coats, and get out the door — you know, FAST!

"WE ARE SOOOO LATE," I kept yelling!

Meanwhile, I made haste to the kitchen where I packaged six bags of Honey Nut Cheerios to be eaten on the way to the bus stop (Cara and Mady would grab their own quick version of breakfast as usual because they like to choose for themselves). The kids threw ice packs into their pre-packed lunches that were, as usual, awaiting them in the fridge. In my oversleep-induced insanity, I noticed that the kids seemed to be moving quickly (for once!) and even seamlessly — almost as if they were pre-programmed sleeping mummies, set on overdrive! At some point, I observed their fast streamlined movements for an extra brief nanosecond (that's all I had to devote to observations on this given morning!), decided it was quite impressive, and voiced my approval to my little robots!

As we all raced to the front door, I scooped my last six “emergency individually packaged single use toothbrushes” into my pajama pocket and made a mental note that I had a hair brush stashed in the Big Black Bus. I figured the kids could fight over the toothbrushes and hair brush during our hasty (but law abiding) trip to the bus stop. As it turned out, some of them already had a toothbrush or hair brush in their book bags for just such a time, so we had enough, luckily for us!

Once seated in the car, I beeped to alert a straggler of my impending departure, and then, and only then, did I realize that I didn't have my phone with me! At the same time, Cara realized she had left her lunch back inside. As if suddenly the gun in a race had gone off, we each did an Olympic dash back inside the front door and did the same in reverse following a quick scoop of our forgotten items! Whew!

At last I popped into the driver’s seat, secured my seat belt, and we were off! I realized that it was now 6:56 a.m. ... A mere NINE minutes after we had gotten out of bed! And, I noted, we were somehow only behind normal schedule by three or so minutes. When I announced this amazing realization out loud, shrieks of amusement and wonder met my ears. We all reaffirmed, in that moment, that we are quite a large, but nonetheless, SPEEDY TEAM!

We arrived to the bus stop only about four minutes later than our typical early arrival and the kids boarded the bus on time — if only but a slight bit rattled. As I kissed them goodbye and watched them hustle into the school bus, I mused to myself, were they even fully AWAKE yet? I know for sure that I wasn't!

Once I arrived home, I needed to break down the morning and figure out what happened so I could make darn sure it NEVER happened again. This has never happened to us in the past, and I'd love to remember this occasion as that ONE morning mishap! Sure, we've overslept before but only by 10 or 15 minutes ... not by an entire hour!

Once I got home, I realized my phone was completely DEAD, which means that I had forgotten to charge it before I fell into an exhausted sleep the night before; therefore, the alarm never rang! Okay, made sense, but ... The kids all have alarm clocks in their rooms, which act as a safety net, but for some odd reason, in the deep dark coldness of winter, they must have crawled deeper under their fluffy blankets and ignored the annoying beeps ... And I also happen to know that they were all hoping for a huge snow storm that would have let them sleep in, so their mental alarm clocks weren't even set!

Moments into my “what went wrong” pondering, I received a call that one lone lunch box was left behind! No problem, I thought, that's an easily fixable mishap from such a hurried, harrowing nine-minute morning!

How about you? Do you have an oversleep-induced hurried morning tale to tell?


Image via Kate Gosselin

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