Engaged Jamie-Lynn Sigler Is Pregnant & Her Best Friend Is Too!

Two weeks ago Jamie-Lynn Sigler, 31, announced via Twitter that she was engaged to her boyfriend of nearly a year, 23-year-old baseball player Cutter Dykstra. Yesterday came a follow up announcement that they're expecting.

Sigler plays a mom on NBC's Guys With Kids, but apparently the pregnancy came as a bit of a shock. If she was caught off guard, she'll likely be brought up to speed real quick by her best friend, actress JoAnna Garcia who happens to be expecting a baby girl in May with her baseball player husband, Nick Swisher. In fact, it was Garcia who introduced Sigler and Dykstra in the first place. Adorable, right?

There's something incredibly special about having a close friend who is pregnant at the same time that you are. Even better if they're a little further along and can reassure you that, yes, it's normal for your boobs to swell to a size E or for you to want to take a nap right after you wake up in the morning.


I remember how delighted I was when my good friend, who was six months ahead of me, sat me down and let me in on all sorts of secrets. Which books I should read and which ones I should definitely not read. She gave me her maternity clothes as she grew out of them. She talked me through the best serums to buy to prevent stretch marks -- or to try to at least, we were both carrying twins. She told me the surreal truth about what it felt like to have a C-section.

I'm as attached to her boys almost as much as I am to my daughters. I think of their birthday as a major milestone in my life as well. And I love the fact that I can remember going to meet them in the hospital with my girls in my tummy.

Did you have a pregnancy buddy to compare notes with?

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