Adele Tattoos Baby's Initial Behind Ear, But Will She Regret It? (PHOTO)

adele tattooHands down, the best accessory sported by any lady walking the red carpet at the Grammys last night was Adele's tattoo. The new mom wore her hair up for the awards show, letting a tasteful, itty-bitty cursive "A" that's been inked behind her ear make its debut. The initial (we're fairly certain) is in honor of her son, who was born this past October, and it confirms, once and for all, her child's name: Angelo.

Parents wearing nameplates, pendants, rings, etc. with their kids' names on them seems to be a new trend -- a trend I've fully embraced, being that I wear a necklace with my daughter's name on it every day. But how do we feel about tattooing our baby's names on ourselves?


Personally, I love it. I haven't gotten a tattoo of my baby's name, because, well, I'm sort of a wuss, and because I can't quite figure out if it's my style or not, but I've urged my husband on numerous occasions to get our child's name inked somewhere on his body. He's into it. But it's one of those things we sometimes talk about and are like, "Oh, yeah, that's a great idea, we should totally do that," and then look at something shiny and completely forget about. My father has my and my sister's names tattooed on his arm, and I've always found it sweet. It's sort of like an, "Aw, you'd do that for me?" kind of thing.

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There are people out there who've gotten some idiotic tattoos. I mean, really idiotic tattoos. And they eventually wind up regretting it. But you will never, ever in a million years regret getting a tattoo of your child's name. It's one of the few "foolproof inks" out there. And when it's done as classily as Adele's, it may even inspire you to do it again.

(Have a baby, that is -- but, two tattoos are cool, too!)

Do you have your kids' names tattooed on you?


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