Meet Gisele & Tom Brady's Beautiful Baby Girl (PHOTO)

We are finally getting a peek at Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s two-month-old daughter, and no one is shocked that the child is beautiful. It’s almost like little Vivian Lake has a gorgeous mom and dad! Oh wait … she does.

Tom, Giselle, and three-year-old big brother Benjamin recently touched down in Hawaii, where they’re presumably spending some quality family time in the sun and sand. Giselle seems totally in love with her little girl -- she held her protectively in her arms as she exited the private jet, while dad grabbed the bags and Benjamin played nearby.


She looked blissfully at ease and relaxed in killer white skinny jeans and a soft gray top and printed scarf. No doubt she’ll be rocking a bikini on the beach, because dang -- she does not look like she gave birth two months ago.

I’m choosing to not be jealous of Giselle’s gorgeous post-baby body by consoling myself that she doesn’t indulge in wine and cheese with quite the same passion that I do. Plus the former Victoria’s Secret Angel works out a lot, and I’m way too busy lazy for that kind of routine.

Congrats to the Brady family on their new little bundle. She’s gorgeous, and we wish you all the best.

Is Vivian Lake one cute baby or what?

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