Kim Kardashian's Baby Clothes Line Means All Moms Can Have Fashionable Babies

Kim KardashianShe's only a few months pregnant, but like any expectant mom, Kim Kardashian is already thinking about what she's going to dress her precious baby in. And according to a new report from Radar Online, Kim has plans to start a line of baby clothes to be part of her existing Kardashian Kollection label. (Because of course she does.)

Kim supposedly had a light bulb go off in her head after she wasn't able to find suitable clothes while looking at designer baby duds.

A source close to the Kardashian clan says, "She then realized that’s something that they could easily produce, and with the added experience of her older sister Kourtney, who is already a mother of two, she figured she has the perfect sounding board."


And guess what? It sounds like she's already got mama Kris' approval -- and she thinks it's a brilliant idea. She even thinks Kim should consider a maternity line as well.

Since the Kardashian Kollection is sold at Sears, the source says, "Kris thinks this could be a goldmine, with baby clothes often being so expensive, their Sears range would make designer baby and pregnancy wear affordable for anybody."

Huh. She definitely has a point.

For us non-celeb moms, spending a lot of money on baby clothes is really pointless, not only because of how quickly infants grow out of them, but because shelling out a ton of cash for something that will likely be drooled on or puked on just seems like a really stupid idea.

But even if we aren't spending tons of money, we still like our babies to look cute. The idea of having designer duds at a bargain price is a win-win for moms no matter how you look at it.

And if Kim does design a baby line, something tells me her pieces will go way beyond your standard onesie with a rubber duck sewn on the front. Kim's line will likely feature plenty of personality, detail, and of course, bling (something every baby needs).

Will you dress your baby in Kim's clothes if she does start this new line?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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