Tori Spelling Stranded With Her 4 Kids on Worst Ever Road Trip

tori strandedWell here's something I never thought I'd see Tori Spelling do. The mom of four just posted a selfie, but she doesn't exactly look thrilled. Tori's posing with her kids stranded on the side of a road. The caption reads: "4 kids. 1 dog. 1 car leaking gas broken down on the side of the road= not a great road trip."

Ohhh, Tori. That sucks. Stranded with four kids would be rough. But if one of those kids is a baby? Dude. That's a major pain. I think a lot of us have been there!


Okay, a little perspective. This is Tori Spelling we're talking about, so she was probably inconvenienced long enough to post this photo and then someone got her the hell out of there. Well, anyway, I hope so. Um, where's Dean, anyway? I would really hate to be on the receiving end of Tori's scowl, and if it's directed at Dean, he'd better have some flowers handy.

tori stranded

Tori Spelling death stare: Shudder.

But I think there's a special kind of hell when you're stranded with a baby. The older kids can amuse themselves despite the whining. But a baby needs to be fed (where? how?) and needs to be changed (where? how?). And I just always felt more vulnerable in general when I had a baby than I did when my son was older. 

Hopefully they're traveling with plenty of snacks. And I guess she can change Finn's diaper in the back seat, though with the leaking gas, that might be a little dangerous and definitely fumey. Stars: Shit happens to them just like it does to us! Hope they all got help quickly.

Have you ever been stranded on the road with a baby?


Image via Instagram

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