Kristin Cavallari Gives Her Baby Goat's Milk -- Gross!

Kristin CavallariShe definitely had very valid reasons for quitting breastfeeding, but after hearing that Kristin Cavallari is feeding her baby goat's milk instead of giving him formula, I can't help but be a little bit, ok, a LOT grossed out.

Apparently Kristin's fiance, Jay Cutler, is the one who discovered the "goat's milk concoction" that baby Camden is eating these days -- and he even "makes it up" for the little guy every day.

Goat's milk, huh? When I first heard that, I totally pictured old-fashioned style milk bottles full of the stuff lining the shelves of Kristin and Jay's super high-end fridge. But as it turns out, it's not quite (I said quite) as disgusting as it sounds.


Kristin told Access Hollywood, "We're not milking the goats, you know, we live in Nashville, you never know!" (???)

Ok, they don't have a goat. Turns out they buy the milk in powder form, "And then he (Jay) puts a few different vitamins and things in it."

Ready to hear why Kristin and Jay opted for goat's milk instead of formula? Kristin says she thought it was the "closest thing to breast milk."

Um, ok -- because human breasts and goats' (udders?) are one in the same?

Maybe I'm missing something, but when did goat's milk become the new breast milk? When I think goat's milk, two things come to mind:

1.) A village where people don't have running water or electricity, and there are literally goats roaming the streets.

2.) The girls on Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor chugging goat's milk in an effort to win more time with him.

Notice how neither of those two scenarios includes a baby.

And I know everyone has their own reasons for doing things, but I can guarantee that if someone had suggested that I feed my son goat's milk when he was a baby, I probably would've laughed in their face and figured they were joking.

How can you be sure that it's sanitary? Doesn't that stuff have to be pasteurized or something? (Gross.)

Someone please enlighten me -- is goat's milk really a good choice for a baby?

Would you give your baby goat's milk?


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