Channing Tatum's Take on His Wife's Pregnancy Drives Us Mad

Channing Tatum pregnancyChanning Tatum adores his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum and her pregnancy is no exception. The man voted sexiest man alive admitted to a reporter that he finds this time in his wife's life very, very sexy. This is as it should be. Kudos to Tatum.

The reality is, few women FEEL sexy (I know I didn't). You are, after all, carrying a bowling ball on your bladder, sporting a bizarre new center of gravity, and waddling about like a duck. But you are bursting with new life. You are blooming and blossoming and you are about as sexy as you can be. Believe me, I know you don't feel it. Lord knows I didn't. I complained bitterly and called myself a cow. I hated the changes.

It's only now, five years after my last pregnancy, that I can look back and say, dang, was I hot. I totally miss that. Because you know what? It IS hot!


Tatum is totally right with his words. At some point, not too long after their baby comes into this world, his wife will regain her taut abs and her tight body. Hollywood stars bounce back. It's a fact. So why wouldn't he enjoy this nine-month exploration of a different kind of sexy.

Men should be in AWE of women during this time. We are creating life. What the hell is sexier than that?

It's not just the way you look either. A pregnancy is direct evidence that you are a sexual being and that you had sex.

This week, a writer talked about her husband's experience in the delivery room and how it turned him off. I asked my husband to read it and asked him if he felt the same way. He said the opposite. "If anything, it turned me on." I laughed. But he was serious.

I was giving birth to his child (and um, nude and moaning while doing it on a stool). He was present with me in an animalistic, totally awesome way, and yeah, he kind of dug it. We don't need to go that far, obviously. But it would be nice if every man could kind of see what Tatum does. Pregnancy and delivery are a beautiful, alive, and blooming time of life.

That IS sexy. Think of all that is sensual on this Earth -- sunshine, overripe mangoes, juicy fruits -- all of it is embodied by a pregnant woman. So yeah. The next time you feel unsexy and like your husband will never want to touch you again, think of Channing Tatum. The man is the hottest man alive and he wants his wife more than ever when she is carrying his baby.


Did you feel sexy during pregnancy?


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