Shakira Shares Her Baby's Photo in Our Favorite 'Celebrity' Way Yet

gerard pique milanFor better or worse, we're pretty accustomed to first seeing famous folks' offspring on the covers of celeb weeklies (or if you're Brangelina or TomKat, then a monthly glossy a la Vanity Fair). Then there's lots of buzz about how much the happy new parents made for the pics. But leave it to Shakirand boyfriend Gerard Pique to do things a bit differently. They've released the first photo of their son, Milan, in an extraordinary way.

Oh, but before we get into how they released it, can we just talk about how freakin' out-of-this-world ADORABLE he is?! What a little dollface. And new daddy Gerard, too? Gah! Cuteness. Overload.


Anyhoo, the proud new parents opted to post this first heartwarming pic of their lil' boy online, as opposed to on the cover of a glitzy mag ... Which isn't exactly all that groundbreaking, but it's where online it first showed up that matters. Though Shaki also tweeted and Facebook-ed the pic, she initially revealed it on ... her virtual baby shower page, of course! All you have to do is click on the little blue teddy bear that pops up with, "Welcome Baby Milan!" Awww!

If you missed it, before Milan was born on January 22, the couple revealed that they were asking that fans participate in their online baby shower -- where you can purchase "inspired gifts" through UNICEF, like a mosquito net, a polio vaccine, and therapeutic food for children all over the world. So amazing!

There was plenty of buzz about it back when they first made the announcement, but now, because they've decided to share this incredible photo there, hopefully the couple will get another wave of interest and donations. What a special, totally cool way for anyone to make their baby's debut ... let alone celebs who have a thousand glitzy outlets at their demand. I sense that this hip, philanthropic couple is about to start some new mama trends in more ways than one!

How do you feel about the way Shaki and Gerard debuted Milan's pic?


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