Jessica Simpson's BFF Cacee Cobb is Expecting & Her Timing Is Perfect

Cacee Cobb and Donald FaisonYou can only imagine the delighted squealing when Cacee Cobb, who's famous for being Jessica Simpson's best friend, told Jess that she too is pregnant. She and her husband, Donald Faison, star of The Exes, announced this past week that they are expecting a baby. It will be her first, and his fifth (he has four from previous relationships.)

How perfect is that timing? And quick too. Cobb and Faison just wed in December (Jess was, of course, a bridesmaid), and now here she and Jess are pregnant pals together. Perfect. Cobb Tweeted the happy news along with a picture of a onesie with a storm trooper on it. "Looks like and I are going to have a little storm trooper of our own!"

Then Jess chimed in on Twitter with her already made plans for their little ones.


She tweeted: "BF+BF= future BFF'S!!" Awwww. They couldn't have timed it better if they'd tried ... and you have wonder if they did in fact try to do so.

When you're pregnant, you want everyone you know and love to be pregnant too. It's such an amazing time, and to have someone you know and love going through it at the same time can be helpful and fun.

Cacee and Jess have been through so much together over the years, both good and bad, and their friendship has stayed strong through it all. Now to have babies at the same time is just the icing on the proverbial cake.

If they both have the same sex, then their kids automatically have predetermined BFFs as Jess says, but if they're of the opposite sex, then who knows what kind of romance could brew someday. So many fun scenarios to imagine!

I have several good friends who were pregnant around the same time I was, and I love nothing more than getting together with their children now. It's amazing to see how similar and different they all are and watch them grow over the years. So congrats to Cobb and Faison, and to Jess too!

Have you ever been/are you pregnant at the same time as one of your BFFs?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr


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