Snooki's Comments About Circumcision Are Way Out of Line

SnookiWell, now we know more than we ever wanted to about Snooki's son's penis. In a word, baby Lorenzo's man parts are "awesome." According to his mom, anyway.

Oh Snooki, you know you're not supposed to talk about your son's circumcision, right? Hold up! Yes, we moms can debate the ol' foreskin snip 'til the cows come home.


When it's hypothetical, we aren't embarrassing our kids. We're caring moms who want to debate real issues of pain and suffering and possible effects foreskin removal can have on whether or not they'll contract certain diseases.

We need to talk about circumcision from that standpoint. At least women (and men) who are parenting sons need to have these talks (mom of a girl over here: I have to admit I was relieved not to have to go there!).

But once you make your decision about your actual son, that's when it's time to shut up about it! Just consider how it sounded when Snooki decided to let loose about Lorenzo's circumcision:

Everything came out fine; his penis looks awesome. He's going to have a good life.

Um, thanks for sharing? Imagine being Lorenzo in about 16 years, knowing everyone knows the state of his foreskin.


Moms! On behalf of your sons, let Snooki's little snafu be a warning to you all!

Feel free to debate circumcision all you want. Become an intactivist if you want. But for the love of your sons, when the deed is done (or not done), let's keep that little detail covered in a diaper!

Do you tell people whether your son's been circumcised or not?


Image via MTV

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