Lindsay Lohan's Baby Brother Is Born While She's in Court

Lindsay LohanI suppose congratulations are in order. Michael Lohan and his girlfriend Kate Major today welcomed a baby boy into the world.

While baby news is always exciting, it's a little hard to get too excited when we know the crazy family dynamics into which this kid is being born. For starters, big sister Lindsay Lohan wasn't there for the blessed event, which took in Florida, because, among other reasons, she was in New York in court AGAIN. 


This time it was for that little incident in which she lied about driving a car that hit a dump truck last summer. And there were so many times before that ... we've lost track. (Why is she not in jail again?) Anyway, she's certainly not the best big sister role model, and  I can think of few people less well equipped to raise a child than Michael Lohan. So the little guy certainly was born into some challenging family dynamics.

However, while he has some strokes against being born a Lohan, at least his first name is really cute. It's Landon. Landon Major Lohan. He was born weighing 7 pounds, 5 ounces, and mother and baby are doing well. "Good is god," Michael told E! Online.

Let's hope Michael takes this opportunity to start fresh and set a better example for his son that he has for Lindsay and the rest of his children. Let's hope he and Kate can somehow pull it together and give the little guy a fair start in life instead bringing him into their big effed up mess. And as long as we're hoping, let's also hope that Lindsay also sees this as an opportunity for her to a better big sister and straighten up her act so she can actually be around for some of his birthdays and such instead of behind bars.

Do you think Michael Lohan will be a better parent this time around?


Image via thefixer/Flickr


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