Channing Tatum Is Worried About Screwing Up as a Dad

channing tatum and jenna dewanChanning Tatum has been blessed with many talents: amazing dance moves and the ability to make just about any woman swoon are chief among them. Though there is one skill the actor needs a lot of help with -- parenting. In fact, his recent confession about fatherhood fears proves he is as clueless as the rest of us. 


Expecting his first child with actress-wife Jenna Dewan this summer, he admitted, "That will be the biggest role of my life. I hope I don't screw that one up." He's not alone.

Whether rich or poor, parenthood is the great equalizer. Raising a child is a scary thought, and not just because of the financial obligation. It begins as soon as you know you are expecting. What type of birth plan will be best for the baby? Should we breastfeed? What's the safest car seat? Are these sleepers warm enough? Is that cough a sign of something worse than just a cough? It's an endless stream of worries no matter who you are. And, admittedly, there are so many ways a new parent can go wrong.

So often our own experiences from childhood freak us out. We don't want to repeat any mistakes our parents made. But there is no magic recipe for raising a child. It's really about trial and error -- at least with the first one. Tatum and Jenna will go through all the same guesswork that we've all gone through. I'd even say that the fear of screwing up is a healthy one. It means you are invested, that you want the best for your child, and that makes you a good parent already.

Were you scared about being a parent during your first pregnancy?


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