Bethenny Frankel Shouldn't Be Writing a Single Parenting Book Already

bethenny frankelBethenny Frankel is good at making money. The woman has become a bajillionaire off of margaritas for chrissake. But should there be a line when it comes to how she rakes in the cash? A point where she says, I dunno, this feels icky? I know it's none of my business how she chooses to earn a living, but I've gotta say: This new rumor I'm hearing about her penning a single parenting book already? Not feelin' it.


RadarOnline is reporting that the former Real Housewives of New York star is already in the midst of writing a book for single moms. A source tells the site: "Bethenny has been writing and documenting her feelings in the beginning stages of the divorce. It will deal with the delicate balancing act that is being a single mom, and the guilt she feels because her daughter Bryn will now come from a broken home, something she never wanted for her little girl."

Look. I feel incredibly bad that Bethenny and Jason are going through all of this. Really, I do. And my heart breaks for their ridiculously adorable daughter. And maybe a self-help book for single moms will be helpful for many women at some point? Maybe writing a self-help book will be cathartic for Bethenny? But: Too soon.

Right now, Bethenny is in the thick of a divorce. I don't think her emotions are fully processed yet, and she has a million and one things going on -- the legal stuff; moving; her talk show; her business. Why write a book now? Doesn't seem like the best use of her time.

Like I said, this is all coming from a "source" at a gossip site -- so, who knows if it's true? I really hope it's not, though. This just feels like a weird thing to do right now. If Bethenny really needs to write things out, there's always a good old-fashioned diary.

What do you think of Bethenny writing a single mom parenting book?


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