Tori Spelling Has a Beauty Treatment on the Way to Delivering Her Baby (VIDEO)

tori spellingTori Spelling had a lot on her mind before her delivery of baby number four, Finn, by scheduled c-section: A mani-pedi, of course! "My nails hadn't been done in weeks and weeks," Tori remembers in her blog. "I was NOT going to let Baby McDermott meet me for the first time with anything but flawless nails."

Yeah ... not sure newborn Baby McDermott's eyesight and aesthetics were developed enough to appreciate flawless nails. I get it, though -- Tori wanted to get that done before all the newborn mayhem began. But hours before you deliver your baby? That's kind of cutting it close, don't you think?


I guess not for most moms with normal pregnancies. But Tori's pregnancy was kind of scary. She had placenta previa, which meant four months of bed rest along with nine terrifying bleeding incidents. It must have taken some serious determination (and a bit of crazy) to make that mani-pedi happen before the delivery!

But women do crazy things like that right before labor all the time. I think we all know that the rom-com version of labor, where you go from zero to ZOMG THE BABY'S COMING NOW AGH!!!, is phoney baloney. Even if you don't deliver by scheduled c-section, if your labor is progressing normally, you have hours and hours to go. Might as well mop the kitchen floor! I've heard of women doing that because they can't stand the idea of bringing the baby home to a dirty kitchen. If you ask me, I think getting your nails done is a better use of your early labor time. I can completely understand why Tori would want a little pampering right before her surgery.

I took the subway to the hospital because -- well, why not? I'd heard that the cab ride from Brooklyn into Manhattan (where my hospital was) could be uncomfortably bumpy. But in retrospect I definitely could have fit in a mani-pedi before leaving as well. I went in waaay too early, and then a hospital intern broke my water poking around in an exam (it had broken earlier, but just a little), and I was stuck there, staring at my unpainted toenails while I paced the hospital halls, breathing.

Anyway, Tori had just a couple weeks to enjoy her pretty nails (oh yeah, and also her new baby, Finn) before she was rushed back to the hospital for emergency surgery to repair her c-section scars. (Someone's husband needs to get a vasectomy ...) So it's a good thing Tori got in that pampering while she could.

Did you do anything to pamper yourself or ready your home right before you delivered your baby?


Image via ToriSpellingOnline/YouTube

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