Michael Buble & Wife Announce Pregnancy in Cute, Original Way (VIDEO)

Michael BubleIt looks like we have another celebrity couple to offer congratulations to, because Michael Buble and wife Luisana Lopilato are expecting a baby! (Yay!)

Since this is the first child for both of them, they wanted to find a fun and unique way of sharing their happy news with the world, you know, because going the traditional celeb route of announcing the pregnancy on Twitter is very overdone, and just so 2012.

And I gotta tell ya, the method they chose to use in letting everyone know they're going to be parents is by far one of the cutest things I've ever seen.


Michael posted this YouTube video to his website announcing the big news, and as you will see, he couldn't have chosen a more appropriate song to accompany the sonogram images in the clip.


"I Just Haven't Met You Yet." Can you say, most adorable pregnancy announcement EVER?

OMG. I love it.

It's creative. It's personal. And even though everyone knows that particular tune is about meeting the right girl, it certainly fits perfectly for how any parent feels about his or her unborn child. The baby is already a part of you, someone you feel like you've known your whole life -- even though you haven't "met" them yet.

Darn. I wish my husband and I had thought to make a video when we found out our son was on the way. All we did was pick up the phone to tell our family and friends. Seems so blah compared to Buble, that's for sure.

Given how sweet this video is, I can't wait to see what Michael and Luisana come up with when it's finally time to introduce us to their baby!

How did you announce your pregnancy?


Image via jeaneeem/Flickr

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