'Toddlers & Tiaras' Mom Breastfeeds Her 3-Year-Old to Give Her a Competitive Edge (VIDEO)

toddlers and tiarasToddlers and Tiaras pageant mom Holly will do anything to give her daughter Natali an edge. ANYTHING, do you hear me? And if that means never weaning her breastfeeding 3-and-a-half-year-old, fine. Holly is breastfeeding Natali to pageant glory.

Well, it's better than go-go juice. I'll give her that. But breast milk giving your 3-year-old a competitive edge in a toddler pageant? As a pro-breastfeeding mom, it pains me to say this, but: That's crazy talk


I mean, breastfeeding makes every baby girl a beauty queen -- metaphorically speaking. But past the age of 3, I just don't think the nutritional benefits of breast milk are going to make that much of a difference in a pageant. Try some avocado, you know? 

On the other hand, I guess extended breastfeeding might comfort a child whose her parents make her compete on stage in front of a live audience and pressure her to win. I bet that's why Natali isn't ready to wean! Life is scary for her and the ONE source of security in her life where she feels accepted just for being herself, not for winning, is when she's at mama's breast. Poor thing. 

Honestly, no mother needs an excuse for extended breastfeeding. If you want to keep going, that's no one's business. More power to the both of you! But come on. It's not the crunchy pageant mom's go go juice. 

Do you believe that breastfeeding gives Natali an edge in pageants?


Image via TLC/AOL

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