Bethenny Frankel’s Custody Battle With Ex Will Make Their Daughter the Loser

bethenny frankelWow, Bethenny Frankel's divorce just got even uglier. When Bethenny filed for divorce, she pretty much demanded everything -- including child support and primary custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Bryn. So now it's Daddy's turn, and surprise, surprise: Jason Hoppy is demanding primary custody of Bryn, too. It's official. They're fighting over the kid.

Haven't these two seen Kramer vs. Kramer? Or pretty much every major public divorce battle, ever? The moral of the story every damn time is that the kids suffer more than anyone else. After all our collective history with divorce, it still floors me that a parent would demand full custody when there's no history of abuse. Even with a divorce, kids need both of their parents in their lives.


As far as we know, neither Bethenny nor Jason has done anything really to make them unfit parents. Oh sure, you could make a case that they're unwise parents. They're not perfect people. (None of us are!) But unless a parent is genuinely at risk for abusing or neglecting their kids, I think divorcing couples should make every effort to compromise and share the parenting.

Divorce is SO disruptive to kids' lives. I'm seeing it now in my own life -- I'm going through a divorce, too. And even though we get along well and our son gets quality time with both of us regularly, it's still very stressful for him. I can't imagine how much worse it would be for him if he were suddenly cut off from one of us. He needs both of us now, and he'll need both of us later on in life. Every kid benefits from having two parents in their lives, even if those two parents aren't together.

I'm just glad Bryn's too young to know what's really going on. She's still old enough to notice that maybe she's seeing less of one parent, though. She will always need a mother. And she will always need a father. She will always need both parents in her life as much as possible. Whatever is making these two adults so freakin' angry right now, I hope they resolve it as soon as possible, for Bryn's sake.

Have you seen what happens to kids when divorcing parents fight over custody?


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