America Loves Sasha Obama's Yawn More Than Her Dad's Speech (VIDEO)

Sasha Obama YawnLeave it to Sasha Obama to steal the show from her dad during the middle of his presidential inauguration. Sasha's perfectly -- or should we say imperfectly -- timed yawn has gone viral after cameras caught her looking every bit the 11 years old she is as President Barack Obama gave his inaugural address.

The child didn't know it was coming. The cameras were supposed to be focused on Dad as he talked about math and science teachers, but it was in that split second when they panned to his family that we caught Sasha in her brilliant blue coat with her mouth wide open. Check her out:


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Almost as adorable as Sasha's tired moment? The reaction from the world at large! Apparently the rest of the country was ignoring the president's address too ... and focusing on the cute kid in the blue coat with the gaping mouth. Despite the myriad gifs of Sasha yawning now available on the Internet, the commentary about her is mostly sweet and silly and can be summed up by comedienne Judy Gold's Tweet:

Sasha's yawn was priceless.

It was, wasn't it? Because in one swift moment, Sasha Obama reminded us all that she's not just the president's daughter. She's an 11-year-old who was probably up extra early on Monday to prepare for her dad's big day. She was TIRED y'all! Can you blame her?

There's a lesson in here for regular (non-presidential) parents too. We all expect our kids to behave in public, especially when we're in the spotlight. We consider their behavior a reflection on us as parents (and it is!). But take it from Sasha Obama -- don't be too hard on your kids when they can't be perfect in public. They're just kids!

After all, there's bad behavior, and then there's a little human slip-up along the lines of a giant yawn as Dad gives one of the biggest speeches of his life. It could happen to any kid, and even in the hyper critical political climate, people seem to recognize that kids will be kids and kids are pretty darn cute.

What do you think of Sasha Obama's yawn? Inappropriate or adorable?

Image via CBS

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