5 Celebrities With Super Stylish Maternity Lines

jessica simpsonThink what you want of her, but the truth is Jessica Simpson's clothing line is seriously cute. I swear, every time I see something I like in Macy's, it's Jessica Simpson. So, naturally, when she expanded her line to include maternity clothes, and I was pregnant, I shopped some of her stuff. Full disclosure, I didn't buy much, as I pretty much lived in leggings and the same four tops the entire nine months, but I did get a really cute sweater (see left). And, hey, maybe next time around I'll put in a little more effort.

But Jess isn't the only celebrity with a super adorable maternity line. Check out these 5 stars' clothing lines for mamas-to-be.





Image via Destination Maternity

  • Rosie Pope


    It isn't surprising that this stylish mum's maternity line is super cute, but seriously: How adorable is this dress?

    Price: $168

  • Elle Macpherson


    This model mom's maternity line is all about being sexy -- and comfortable. Elle Macpherson Intimates feature tons of sophisticated bras and underwear -- and cute little camis like this.

    Price: $68

  • Jessica Simpson


    As mentioned, Jessica Simpson's line for Destination Maternity is incredibly cute. All the pieces are both comfy and stylish. You would actually wear most of these things even if you weren't pregnant. Just sayin'.

    Price: $59

  • Heidi Klum


    Another model with a maternity line. Klum's Loved by Heidi Klum maternity line is available at Motherhood, and it boasts tons of key pieces: Plain, long-sleeved shirts; jeggings; etc. But this sparkly tunic thing might be a must, too.

    Price: $29.99

  • Victoria Beckham


    Not sure if Vicky has an entire maternity line out there -- info is rather scant on this. But I did find these cute, bootleg maternity jeans of hers. They may be a little steep in price, but as every woman knows -- pregnant or not -- good jeans are hard to find. 

    Price: $95


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