Jessica Simpson Is Setting Pregnancy Goals She May Not Be Able to Live Up To (VIDEO)

Jessica Simpson

Considering how much weight she gained while she was pregnant with her daughter Maxwell, it's totally understandable that Jessica Simpson is vowing not to "eat everything in sight" during her second pregnancy.

The mom-to-be appeared on The Tonight Show last night and talked to host Jay Leno about not being concerned with her weight during her first pregnancy. She said, "I was really happy to be pregnant and I didn't ever step on the scale. I didn't realize you could gain that much weight that quickly."

(Oh, honey. Yes, you can. Trust me, as someone who put on a good 50 pounds while expecting my son, I know.)


So far with baby number two -- Jess is looking great. But I can't help but think she's putting quite a bit of pressure on herself by publicly announcing that she isn't going to go hog wild and overindulge during this pregnancy. Because by saying that -- if she does wind up gaining a ton of weight again, she's going to have everyone throwing that comment right back in her face. (Oh, c'mon, you know she'll get absolutely torn to shreds in the media if she puts on more than the recommended 25 to 30 pounds this time around.)

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And while she appears to have kept her weight gain to a minimum thus far, Jessica hasn't exactly stopped giving into her cravings altogether. About a month ago, she was spotted chowing down on grilled cheese and onion rings at an L.A. restaurant -- not exactly a healthy meal.

It's no secret that old habits die hard. As much as she says she doesn't plan on repeating the same eating patterns she developed during her first pregnancy, sometimes it can be next to impossible to say no to a Pop-Tart covered in butter when your body is begging you for one.

Jess is smart to try and keep her weight in check, but it's probably best for her to lighten up a bit and not have such strict expectations for herself. She lost the weight the first time around, so she'll probably have no problem taking it off a second time. She might as well enjoy her pregnancy a little, right?

To hear more about Jessica's second pregnancy, check out this clip from The Tonight Show.

Do you think Jessica will be able to limit her weight gain this time around?


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