Beyonce's GQ Cover Shot Reminds Us That Motherhood Can Still Be Sexy

Beyonce, babyFact: If I had rippled abs, thunder-less thighs, and impeccable triceps just a year after I had my first kid, I’d be splashed across the cover of something too. The coupon circular, the free paper they give away on the subway, something. Best believe someone would be seeing the miracle that would be my body. Heck, I’m still trying to lose my baby weight and Girl Child is 14 now. So Beyonce’s GQ spread is a big yahoo for all moms out there who’ve fought the good fight of pregnancy and childbirth and still come out with a smokin’ hot figure.


When the pics leaked all over the online space, they were not only the source of tongue lolling among men, they put a bee in the collective bonnet of finger-wagging feminists and mothers scolding her for being half-naked, a questionable parent, and an attention hound. You know, when it comes to Beyonce, folks seem to fit into two extreme categories: they’re either crazy dedicated superfans armed and ready with a cussout for anybody even hinting at disdain for their beloved Biva (that would be B + diva… I just made it up) or they’re rabidly anti-Bey, turning her every outfit, interview stutter, or pelvic thrust into proof positive of her lack of genuine talent. And they’re always, always ready with the name of someone who is better than Beyonce but doesn’t get as much shine because [insert conspiracy theory here].

I know folks from both camps and they’re equally exhausting, especially since I fall neatly into the grossly underpopulated it’s-not-that-serious-either-way group. There are like three people in here with me. We’ve got plenty room for more.

It’s not very often I have to come to Beyonce’s defense because the stans usually have her back and then some, but I do like her as a mother. I’ve seen her get googly-eyed over Blue Ivy on more than one occasion, as a new mama should. (And, in all honesty, she’s not that great of an actress, so I doubt she’s pretending.) I think it’s unfair for folks to slam her for posing in a bra and panties for a men’s mag when I think it’s natural for celebs to prove to themselves, their supporters, and their haters that they’ve still got it, especially the ones who built their entire brand on being a sex symbol.

If she was slathered with body oil from the rooter to the tooter and bent over the front end of a Cadillac DeVille, as so many mothers unfortunately are, that might make me take to tsk tsk tsking her. (Though I don’t put that past Mariah Carey, should her popularity ever start to fall off.) It would be tacky and, a few years down the road, a source of great embarrassment to poor little Blue. (Do they really call her Blue Ivy every single time they refer to or address her? It’s only three syllables but it feels like forever to say.)

But these pictures are playful with girl-next-door appeal. I’m sure baby Blue won’t run across them as a young woman and crumple into mortification at the sight of her mama in a cropped football jersey and some skivvies. I say cheers to her from one mother to another, though I wish I would’ve had the benefit of a personal chef, kickass trainer, and savvy Photoshop expert to obliterate my flaws.

Beyonce is a brand. Janelle, however, is not. That’s the distinction. So it’s all part of the packaging that’s made her into the powerhouse that she is. I’m sure Blue Ivy will be able to appreciate that. Someday. In the meantime, Jay-Z sure does. And just about every other man who’s seen those pics.

Do you think Beyonce should scale back the sexy now that she’s a mom?

Image via Hollywood_PR/Flickr

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