Adele Won't Tell Us Her Baby Name Because It's Too 'Personal'

AdeleSeriously, Adele? It has been three months since the singer gave birth to her baby boy, and she still won't tell us what the little guy's name is. It's not that she just hasn't announced it, which would be one thing, but she's flat out refusing to tell people when they ask her.

It was so great to see her win Best Original Song at the Golden Globes on Sunday, then she had to go get all smug and secretive when asked about her son. According to People, she told reporters, "This is for my boyfriend Simon (Konecki) who convinced me to do it and my lovely son. Thank you so much.”

She went on to talk about how difficult motherhood is, and how she has eczema from boiling bottles. But when it came to his name, she said, "I'm not sharing his name at the moment. It's very personal to me. I am enjoying him on my own."

I'm sorry, but it's just a freaking name!


What exactly does she think we're going to do with it? Everyone has one. I mean, have you ever asked anyone their name, and they recoiled telling you that was too personal of a question?

Not wanting share photos, or bring him out in public, or otherwise expose him to the spotlight, fine. But his name is ... his name for God's sake.

I get the whole celebrity desire for privacy thing ... sort of. You make millions of dollars because people adore you and want to see your every move, but when you want them to stop, you want them to stop. It's definitely in the having-your-cake-and-eating-it-too category, but whatever. Even if we grant her that, however, this is weird.

Is she afraid we're not going to like it, that people will say negative things about it? Well, yes, some probably will. EVERYONE has an opinion when it comes to baby names, and the opinions aren't always positive. But guess what, that's part of the deal.

A few weeks without revealing a name is one thing, but as she continues to wait and keep it a mystery, the anticipation is just going to build. So when she does finally release it, the reaction will probably be even more severe than normal. Yes, it's her kid and her decision, but this is getting ridiculous.

Do you think it's crazy that Adele still won't tell us her baby's name?


Image via nikotransmission/Flickr

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