Bethenny Frankel Has a Picky Eater & Her Friends Are Full of Advice

bethenny frankelWhat do you feed a picky toddler? Every little person is different, but many of them would rather run around and explore the world than sit down and EAT. That was definitely my experience. It's enough to make some parents worry. Even Bethenny Frankel asked via Twitter this weekend: "What's a go to food that you give your children when they don't want to eat but you want some nutrition & calories? Mine is eggs or pbj."

The first response? Some joker replied, "I give mine a bottle of Skinnygirl so they'll shut up and fall asleep." HA HA, very funny. (Unless Skinnygirl comes out with a vitamin-enriched cocktail mix? Kidding!) But seriously, Bethenny got some great, serious responses from a lot of her followers.

  • Organic food packs. One mom suggested food packs by Ella's Kitchen. I've seen these and others like them in stores -- little pouches with pureed fruits (sometimes veggies), smoothies, and cookies. They're kind of more portable baby food, but toddlers love them, too.
  • Yogurt. I think most toddlers love yogurt. It's like yogurt was made for them.
  • String cheese, fruit kebabs. I love the toy-as-food ideas for toddlers. Anything they can pull apart with their little fingers is fun.
  • Whole grain cereal with berries. One fan mentioned she used to serve a lot of breakfast for dinner. Doesn't that sound familiar!
  • Smoothies. So many possible combinations, so many different ways to sneak in calories and nutrition.
  • Fruit with peanut butter. One person suggested blueberries dipped in peanut butter, another person suggested apple slices with peanut butter. As long as you're not dealing with nut allergies, both sound so tasty.
  • Grilled cheese, cheese slices, Annie's mac and cheese ... I'm picking up on a theme here.
  • Steamed broccoli with cashews. Okay, that sounds delicious for grown-ups, too.

I love how you can just throw a question out there like that and get lots of great suggestions back. Sounds like fruit, yogurt, peanut butter, and cheese are all popular with the under-3 set, don't you think?

What foods do you like to feed your toddler when you're trying to fill her up with vitamins and calories?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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