3-Time Dad Matthew McConaughey Thinks Changing Diapers Is Beneath Him

matthew mcconaugheyI've always admired those celebrity dads who, despite their A-list status, are still so hands-on as parents, because they truly want to be an integral part of their kids' lives.

And that's why I was so disappointed when I heard that Matthew McConaughey isn't changing his new son Livingston's diapers. Yes, Matthew McConaughey -- as in the same dude who is always seen playing with his kids on the beach and looking all happy and normal and totally unpretentious.

At the New York Film Critics Circle Award Dinner, he told People, "I was there (not sure where he means) this morning, so I guess I am running home. But I'm not changing the diapers."


Oh, yeah, he said that all right. And when asked who is changing his newborn son's diapers, he simply said, "Somebody." (WTF?)

Wow. I don't know about you, but Matthew definitely went down a few notches in my book after that statement.

I don't care how famous you are, if you're a dad, you should be ready and willing to get your hands dirty and take on every single task that every other parent in America has to take on -- including running the risk of being pooped on, peed on, or a combination of both while changing diapers.

And sadly, celebrity dads aren't the only "fathers" who refuse to do diaper duty. Not too long ago, I knew a guy (we'll call him a former friend) who also refused to change his baby girls' diapers, and I always viewed him as a total deadbeat for thinking he was somehow above cleaning up after his own kids. What's even worse is that he used to brag about the fact that he refused to change diapers -- like admitting it was supposed to make him sound more endearing to those around him or something. (For the record, it didn't. What a loser.)

Yes, diapers can be messy. And yes, sometimes (like when a major blowout is involved) they can be nothing short of gross and gag-inducing. But it's also part of the deal when it comes to having babies, and if you aren't going to take it on, then perhaps you shouldn't have become a dad in the first place.

Ok, so maybe I'm overreacting a bit because my husband was just so hands-on with our son and has never complained about any part of parenting, so I expect all dads to be the same way. But honestly, shouldn't all moms expect the father of their children to step up to the plate and be involved in every aspect of parenting? Is that really asking too much?

Does your baby's father change diapers?


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