Shakira's Fake Baby Birth Announcement Was Either Hilarious or Very, Very Cruel


Hey, everyone, Shakira gave birth to a set of twins, boy and girl, and her parents named them Hips and Lie. Bwahahaha! Jooooooke. Okay, that's not super funny, but just getting back at Shakira's boyfriend, Gerard Pique, who pulled his own little prank on the masses about Shakira's hip bursting belly with child.


On Thursday, Gerard tweeted that Shakira had given birth. I'd link to the exact tweet, but I don't speak Spanish. Sorry! So he and Shakira began getting congratulations from around the globe.

But oooooohhhhh wait a gosh darn second. She still looked preggo! In fact, she only announced her pregnancy in September! What on earth is going on here? Turns out it was Dia de los Inocentes, the Spanish equivalent of April Fool's Day, translated as Spain's Holy Day of the Innocents.

Gerard made clear his humorous intentions when he then tweeted out (in Spanish): "It has a name! His name is Innocent! Happy April Fool's Day to all!"

Okay, some jokes are kind of lame. My worst April Fool's joke happened when I was about 16. I sat my mom down and very somberly broke the news that I was pregnant. My mom burst into tears -- I don't think they were happy tears, but I'm not sure. I was so flabbergasted that I immediately exclaimed, "April Fool's!!!" rather than let it drag on. I wasn't much for April Fool's jokes after that.

What was your weirdest April Fool's joke?

Image via Splash News

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