'Glee's Ryan Murphy Welcomes World's Luckiest Baby

Ryan MurphyGlee fans already know creator Ryan Murphy is a guy who really "gets" the issues on kids' minds today. And now Murphy has a kid of his own! The TV producer and husband David Miller welcomed a little boy on Christmas Eve, introducing him to the world with the requisite newborn in a stocking photo. 

Delivered by a surrogate (hey, sounds like a certain show called The New Normal, doesn't it?), this is the couple's first child. I'm calling it right now: Logan Phineas Miller Murphy stands to be one of the luckiest kids in the world. Just think about it.


One of this little guy's dads is Ryan Murphy, a man who has made it his mission to bring attention to what makes it so hard to be a kid growing up in America. His show features the struggles of gay kids, kids with eating disorders, kids who are homeless ... the list goes on. He is like the fairy godfather of the freaks, the geeks, the fringe of American high schools.

On Glee's offshoot, The Glee Project, Murphy spends a lot of time talking about the kids who try out for a part in the Fox hit. He makes a real effort to encourage diversity ... as much because he wants to give kids in America something to be proud of, something to shoot for, someone on TV who looks like THEM.

Now imagine a guy like that raising a little boy in America. He already knows the so-called "big issues" of parenting today. But even more importantly, Murphy truly cares about changing things for kids.

If he can bring even half that amount of compassion to the table as a parent to his own child, Murphy will give Logan what every kid needs most: a parent who recognizes that we are here to help our kids be successful adults, but we're not here to break their spirits, to make them conform, to control them.

Congratulations to the happy family ... and a question, think you could adopt us?

Are you a fan of Ryan Murphy's work? Any words for him on his new journey as a dad?


Image via Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

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