Pregnancy Boobs Are the Hot, New Baby Bump (Helloooo, Jessica Simpson)

belly castMemorialize all your pregnancy changes!As if we needed more confirmation, Jessica Simpson tweeted a photo of herself, full pregnancy boobs on display just after the photo of her daughter Maxwell with the words "Big Sis" written in the sand. In this case, though, the photo of Jessica showed just one boob. But what a boob it was. Pregnancy boobs are amazing. They are fuller, more perky, and grow right along with your belly. They start off being larger than the baby bump, then gradually the belly takes over, making even double Ds look small in comparison. But they are lovely and quite the novelty. Until they start to hurt and possibly even leak.

Showing off your pregnancy boobs is the new boasting your belly bump. Look at Jessica. Snooki did it. Pink did it, too. Charlotte Church missed hers when they were gone.


At first I thought that maybe showing off photos of your pregnancy boobs is more of a second pregnancy kind of thing. Jessica being perfect proof. Yet many celebrities have done the fuller, mama breast shots with baby number one. Perhaps they are just the bolder ladies. Perhaps it's just the thing to do! 

Sure the photos of you making a heart with your hands on your belly and only showing the baby bump are cute. Super cute. But more than just our bellies change during pregnancy. Not that I wanted a close-up photo memorializing my swollen ankles when I was pregnant, but showing off my ever-growing breasts was a beautiful reminder of my impending motherhood. I loved my pregnancy boobs. Breasts are just as much a part of being a mom as your womb ... particularly if you are breastfeeding. They are a food source! Women are such efficient miracle beings! We should be celebrating all the changes in our bodies during this time. It's all a symbol of the life (or lives) growing inside of us.

Maybe it could even help society get over their hang-ups with seeing breasts. So natural. So motherly. So beautiful. Not obscene.

Do you think pregnancy boobs are the new belly bump?


Image via www-bellyoflove-com-au/Flickr

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