JWoww Keeps Buying Obnoxious Presents for Snooki's Baby Boy

Snooki JWowwAww, poor Snooki! The new mom is all excited about spending her first Christmas with little Lorenzo. And now she has to worry about what kind of tricks her best friend JWoww has up her sleeve.

Yes, JWoww plans to be one of THOSE aunties. You know, the type who torture their best friends in the name of spoiling their little niece or nephew?


When asked what she is buying for her godson this Christmas, JWoww said what any child-free auntie is expected to say:

I got a bunch of things for him, but it's still not fun yet because I want to get him like motor scooters and little electric cars. I want him to terrorize her house.

Ah, yes, the noisy toys to give Snooki a headache far worse than any hangover she ever experienced in her Jersey Shore days! The toys with wheels that little Lorenzo will use to ram right into Mommy's ankles and run over her brand new pedicure.

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I feel for Snooki and then some.

But honey, if you're listening, there is hope! See, one day JWoww is probably going to have some little meatballs of her own running around.

And Snooki is going to learn what ALL moms learn when their previously child-free noisy-toy-happy besties learn. Payback? Yeah, it is a biiiiiitch!

The thing is, she has to start planning how she's going to get her revenge, now! Specifically, she has to start collecting all these contraptions of the devil and refrain from throwing them out. Because that would just ruin it all! Noooo, she must set them aside in a box marked "for Jenni's baby."

That way, when the little Guido or Guidette pops out, she has a ready made gift set of sweet little hand-me-downs from big cousin Lorenzo. And come on, who can say no to a nice gift from a cute little boy like Lorenzo? Not his auntie JWoww!

Have you set aside the noisy toys from your child-free friends to regift? Or do you have even more devious plans in the works?


Image via MTV

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