Drew Barrymore Was Wise to 'Get Everything Out of Her System' Before Having a Baby

drew barrymoreThere's a never-ending debate going on regarding what the best age to have a child is, and unsurprisingly, people typically think whatever general age they had a kid is the best age. But regardless of which point in time men and women choose to procreate (I'd say what's "best" varies for everyone), I think getting a few things out of your system before you take the (baby) plunge is a good idea. And, naturally, Drew Barrymore agrees.


The new mom of Olive recently told Allure: "I’m glad I lived such a full life before I settled down into a family because I got to enjoy it and get it out of my system." I didn't get quite as many things out of my system as once wild-child Drew did, but I'm definitely on-board with this philosophy.

As I said, there is no "best age" to have a baby -- it clearly varies for everyone. It's more about feeling ready. For me, that age was 33 -- after my husband and I, individually and collectively, did some stuff not very conducive to parenting. At different points in our lives, we both had unpredictable/not very stable entertainment/music jobs; we've lived in various cities; we got to travel a bit; we took spontaneous weekend trips; stayed out late with friends, etc. It was fun -- and we definitely weren't ready for children then. It was after we "got that out of our system" (and were over it), that we realized we really wanted a kid. And we haven't looked back since. Not for a single second.

My personal path obviously is just that -- personal. It isn't for everyone. Some people have exactly zero interest in traveling or staying out late and want a baby immediately, and I totally respect that. And sometimes I even wish my husband and I started having kids earlier! But we just weren't ready then. For me, getting to do "crazy" -- for lack of a better word -- things was part of my growing up and learning who I was and what I liked and disliked. And I genuinely think it's made me a better mom.

So I say if you don't have kids yet, and there's something you really want to do, go for it. Because once you have little ones, it isn't about you anymore. Not in the slightest.

Do you feel like you "got things out of your system" before having a kid?


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