Santa Should Bring Suri Cruise a $24,000 Playhouse & Anything Else She Wants

Suri Cruise and Katie HolmesAmid reports that Katie Holmes bought Suri Cruise a $24,000 playhouse as one of her Christmas gifts this year, of course, accusations that she and Tom Cruise are spoiling her are starting to pop up as well. 

And the rumored $24,000 playhouse (it has running water and electricity, and even a media room) only makes up about half of the amount that was spent on gifts for Suri, because the grand total apparently comes in around $49,000. (And Daddy's supposedly getting Suri a pony.)

While almost $50,000 is a small fortune to most people, it's pretty much chump change to Tom and Katie, so it's really not all that surprising that they're willing to shell out a decent amount of cash to make their little girl happy.


Yes, it sounds like they are spoiling her, just as all parents of little kids should, even if they don't have Tom and Katie's hefty bank account.

You heard me right -- I said that they SHOULD spoil Suri. (Hear me out before you go getting all preachy, ok?)

My son is 6-years-old just like Suri (they're only one month apart), and this year, my husband and I went a little bit overboard on gifts for him. He's getting everything on his list, and while we didn't spend anywhere remotely near $24,000, (I wouldn't be working today if we had that kinda dough), we did purchase a few pricier items for our little guy.

And our reasoning was pretty simple -- this may be one of the last years that he truly believes in Santa Claus, and we want to savor every last ounce of the magic we have left. He's our only kid (we're on the one-and-done plan), and this year could very well be the last time he wakes us up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning and races downstairs to see what good old St. Nick left him -- and we just can't bear the thought of him being disappointed.

He was a good boy all year, and he's definitely on the nice list, so Santa is bringing him everything he asked for. And if that makes us bad parents in the eyes of some, so be it. We'll take a little extra criticism in exchange for the look of pure joy on our son's face any day. And I'm guessing Tom and Katie feel that way too.

Do you think it's ok to spoil your kids at Christmas?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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