10-Year-Old Romeo Beckham's Modeling Gig Was Bound to Happen (VIDEO)

Romeo Beckham in BurberryWell lookee here: Little Romeo Beckham is following his parents' good-looking footsteps and stepping out into the spotlight. The 10-year-old landed his first-ever modeling gig with Burberry. Not a bad starting job, right?

As someone who hasn't necessarily been following the little guy's every move since birth, he REALLY is the spitting handsome image of both parents in one. Rockin' the company's signature plaid trench, Romeo plays with an umbrella in the video for the Burberry ads, playfully pops his collar, and has fun on set while two much more serious models stand off to his left.

Some may say it's too soon, that he's too young to get into this sort of work. In my mind, though, with a face like that and parents like his, it was only a matter of time.


Let's be real: This adorable pint-sized Beckham has been in front of the cameras since the second he was born. He's used to being photographed. According to his mom, he absolutely loves fashion and the spotlight, making this opportunity 100 percent perfect.

As long as Victoria and David make sure to keep Romeo's priorities straight, I don't see a problem with him channeling his inner fashionista. You know, like staying in school and getting good grades, making time for his family and still having time to do all sorts of things normal 10-year-olds do like play sports outside and hang out with their friends, that sort of stuff. If he's happy and can do all of that, then hey, let the kiddo have fun in the designer spotlight.

Check out the adorable Burberry commercial, here:

What do you think? Should Romeo be modeling at age 10?


Image via Burberry/YouTube

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